Fitness-conscious liberals (and also Michael Moore) are vowing to boycott SoulCycle and Equinox gyms because the owner of the company behind them is holding a fundraiser for Donald Trump. But actor Armie Hammer thinks their priorities may be misplaced. Not because the notion of boycotting a gym because the owner likes a guy you don’t is stupid, but because there are even bigger pro-Trump fish to fry:

Jussayin’, you guys.

It’d be a lot easier to take Hammer seriously if this didn’t just reek of sour grapes. Not to mention pettiness. But that said, we’re not about to stand in his way if he wants to try to launch a campaign to hurt Marvel.

Does Chris Evans know about this? Someone really needs to tell him. Captain America can’t stand Trump.

Armie Hammer saw no problem portraying a grown man in a romantic sexual relationship with a teenage boy, but a producer supporting Trump is just a bridge too far.

Well, since we’re already here …

Come on now, Armie. Shouldn’t you put your money where your mouth is and return whatever you got for that movie no one saw? That would be fair.

Bring it.