As Twitchy told you earlier, media firefighters are working feverishly to try to bury the fact that the Dayton shooter apparently subscribed to far-leftist politics. Among the brave Guardians of Truth who are upset is the Daily Beast’s Sam Stein.

The irony of Stein accusing Republicans of circling the wagons is not lost on us.

It will only be applied for this particular case (and for any others in which mass shooters have far-leftist beliefs).

Indeed, the Daily Beast’s national editor Justin Miller — who also railed against CNN for reporting that the Dayton shooter’s purported social media activity was far-leftist — couldn’t help but draw attention to the Gilroy Garlic Festival shooter’s apparent politics:

Do we detect a double standard?

We’re sure there’s a perfectly good explanation. Justin’s got it right here:

Oh. Well, in that case …

Who the hell does Justin think he’s fooling?