Virginia Democrats are taking a stand against racism by boycotting Donald Trump’s appearance in Jamestown today:


The state Democratic legislative caucus and the Black Legislative Caucus both said Monday they would boycott the ceremony. The decision comes at a time when Trump has heighten racial tensions with a series of tweets critical of black lawmakers in Washington.

“We will not be attending any part of the commemorative session where Donald Trump is in attendance,” the Virginia House Democrats said on Twitter. “The current President does not represent the values that we would celebrate at the 400th anniversary of the oldest democratic body in the western world.


Actually, we’re gonna need two. Because this is also a thing that’s happening:


Standing at the place where the first representative assembly in the New World met 400 years ago, Gov. Ralph Northam called for “a full accounting” of the history of enslavement and disenfranchisement that accompanied the democracy founded here.

Northam, speaking in a memorial church built on the foundation of the building that housed the first meeting of the House of Burgesses, reminded a small but distinguished audience, “We have to remember who it included and who it did not.”

Among those who were not included were the first “stolen Africans” who arrived weeks later and were sold into enslavement here, he said. “The story of Virginia was rooted in the simultaneous pursuit of liberty and enslavement.”

Ralph Northam said that. Ralph. Effing. Northam.

Is this real life?