As Twitchy told you, last night, race-hustling Rev. Al Sharpton announced that he was heading to Baltimore to … well, we’re not really sure. He never seems to do anything useful.

Anyway, this morning, Donald Trump dissed Sharpton in a major way:

And the Bulwark’s “token liberal” Molly Jong-Fast was just beside herself:

Unbelievable, you guys. First, Donald Trump has the nerve to badmouth Baltimore despite its awesome aquarium, and now he’s talking smack about fearless civil rights crusader Al Sharpton?! The nerve! The raw nerve!

El. Oh. El. Like the rest of Sharpton’s idiot defenders, Molly’s just pissed that Trump’s telling the truth about the not-so-good Reverend Al.

Obviously Donald Trump is trying to distract from something and/or is an insane racist. It couldn’t possibly be that Al Sharpton is actually everything Trump says he is.

If you want to make the case that Donald Trump has some racist tendencies, he’s certainly left the door ajar (Judge Curiel, anyone?). But if you’re going to use his completely accurate characterization of racist charlatan Al Sharpton as your evidence, your case doesn’t have much of a leg to stand on.