Late last week, singer-songwriter Tae Phoenix wrote in an opinion piece for Newsweek that she’s “met golden retrievers who scared [her] more” than the sweet kids in Antifa. According to Phoenix, GOP Senators Bill Cassidy and Ted Cruz proposing a resolution to categorize Antifa as a terrorist organization is wrongheaded and stupid because Antifa’s not so much a terrorist organization as they are “a far-reaching, multidisciplinary mutual aid and support network.”

Bobby Lewis, who’s part of MMFA’s intrepid rapid response and research team, would apparently agree with her. When Andy Ngo, who suffered a brain hemorrhage after being violently assaulted by the “black-clad youngsters,” was interviewed on “FOX & Friends today,” where he agreed that Antifa should be designated a terrorist organization. Bobby Lewis thinks that’s stupid, because how can Antifa be a terrorist organization if they’re not even an organization, per se?

Wow, Andy Ngo must feel so silly now.

Of course not. You’re just a group of fascist thugs who coordinate campaigns of violence against people with whom you disagree. But you’ll be damned if you sit by and let someone call you an “organization”!