Alyssa Milano is broken. There’s really no other explanation.

Let’s set the stage. Last night, dictator-in-waiting Kamala Harris issued another one of her authoritarian threats, this time with regard to gun control:

Milano, naturally, applauded her:

When one tweeter pointed out that Alyssa’s outrage over murdered children is decidedly selective:

Milano lashed out with what she no doubt thought was a reasonable, rational, rock-solid argument:

Sorry … beg your pardon?

You don’t have even to be a death penalty proponent to see what’s wrong with Alyssa’s take.

She can’t answer that. Instead, she’ll indulge this wickedness:

Did we just imagine the tens of millions of abortions that have been performed since Roe v. Wade?

No, Alyssa. Wrong. In fact, this may be one of the wrongest, worst things you’ve ever written. And that’s really saying something.

Pray for Milano’s kids. They’re gonna need it.