Well, this should definitely help Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez dispel any misconceptions about her anti-Semitism.

As Twitchy told you last night, Ben Rhodes basically accused the Israeli government of destroying Palestinians’ homes out of spiteful bigotry:

What Ben conveniently didn’t mention was that said homes were destroyed because they were illegally constructed near a security barrier:

But hey, it’s OK that Rhodes completely mischaracterized the situation, because it just so happens that Rhodes’ narrative lines up quite nicely with AOC’s. Which is why she’s using her Twitter account to amplify it:

Looks like it’s having the desired effect:

Spoiler: It’s not AOC’s critics who are acting in bad faith.

Tell the truth? And ruin the narrative? Please.

AOC’s made it quite clear that she’s no friend to the Jews. If we call her an anti-Semite, it’s because she’s an anti-Semite.