There are few things Bernie Sanders despises more than insurance companies.

Of course there’s still plenty more where that came from. Like this:

The truth is, Bernie Sanders is a hypocritical fraud — again:

Well, shoot.

More from ABC News:

As part of Sanders’ “No Health Insurance and Pharma Money Pledge,” which his campaign previewed in a press release Wednesday morning ahead of the “Medicare for All” speech he delivered later in the day, the senator promised “to not take contributions from the health insurance or pharmaceutical industry.”

The pledge specifically identifies “contributions over $200 from the PACs, lobbyists, or executives of health insurance or pharmaceutical companies,” excluding what it terms “rank-and-file workers employed by pharmaceutical giants and health insurance companies.” It additionally provides a list of “companies covered by the pledge,” which are members of the America’s Health Insurance Plans association and Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America group.

In a review of Sanders’ publicly available campaign donation information, ABC News identified at least three contributions of more than $200 from two individual donors who could be considered executives at companies included on the list.

Go figure! But don’t worry, Bernie fans. He’s going to fix this:

In response to ABC News’ inquiry about these contributions, the Sanders campaign said it will be returning them and any other donations that don’t meet the parameters of the pledge.

“This pledge was launched today with our full knowledge that some money may need to be returned,” Sanders campaign spokesperson Sarah Ford told ABC News. “We’re glad to donate the three donations worth $2700 out of nearly $40 million received since launch.”

Assuming Bernie’s campaign actually follows through and returns those donations, is there anyone here who honestly believes that they’d even consider doing that if they hadn’t gotten busted for accepting them in the first place?

So do we, Bernie. So do we.