Chris Pratt seems like a genuinely nice guy, but the fact that he doesn’t exude wokeness means he’s effectively got a target on his back. As Twitchy told you yesterday, evidently having nothing better to do, Yahoo! Entertainment attempted to stir up outrage over Chris Pratt’s Gadsden Flag t-shirt, citing a literal handful of tweets proclaiming it a symbol of white supremacy.

Today, Washington Post’s Aaron Blake called out Yahoo! for their stupidity:

Unfortunately, Blake forgot to check himself before he wrecked himself — and WaPo:

With all due respect to WaPo — and none is due — they can take several seats.

WaPo firefighters have dedicated their lives to starting fires where they don’t exist. What they did to the Covington students is only one of many examples. And now they want to complain that Yahoo! pulling the same crap makes the media look bad? Please.

Democracy Dies in Self-Unawareness.