Politics is a messy, complicated business. So thank goodness we’ve got the luminaries at Salon to put it all in such simple, straightforward perspective:

Why didn’t we think of that?

And this is a real take. Amanda Marcotte (because of course it’s Amanda Marcotte) concludes:

Trump’s opponents need to understand what they’re up against. This is not a matter of a bunch of confused or stupid people who are bamboozled by Trump and can be gently educated into being better people. (Of course there are a few conservatives at the margins who feel qualms about Trump, and they can be appealed to.) For the most part, these are hardened bigots who love what Trump is doing and cannot be shamed or browbeaten out of it. The only realistic option is for the left to out-organize the right and make sure that the majority of Americans, who reject Trump’s agenda, show up to the polls to stop him.

So generous of her to acknowledge that there are “a few conservatives” who can be saved from a life of being racist.

Who could’ve seen it coming?

Salon’s known for their top-quality journalism:

Salon’s got a real knack for getting trampled by their high horse.

Is this really the game they want to play? Because two can play it.

Isn’t it?