As Twitchy told you, a growing number of Republican politicians have condemned Donald Trump’s tweets about the “squad” of four Democratic congresswomen. It didn’t require any special psychic abilities to predict that the media and Left would find a way to shift the goalposts. Republicans took too long to denounce Trump. Then, when they did denounce him, they weren’t backing it up with any action.

Now on top of that comes this problem, raised by former Obama speechwriter and Pod Bro Jon Lovett:

So, Republicans must condemn Donald Trump for what’s being widely interpreted as hateful bigotry, but they’re not allowed to shine a light on the hateful bigotry that exists within — and is frequently shielded and defended by — the Democratic Party?

Ilhan Omar has spewed anti-Semitic bile since before she took office. Same goes for Rashida Tlaib. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has trivialized the Holocaust and defended her squad’s anti-Semitism. House Democrats refused to condemn any of it. We’re still waiting.

But Republicans pointing that out — while, it must be noted, condemning Donald Trump’s remarks — are the guilty ones.