As Twitchy told you, earlier today, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez insisted on being sworn in before testifying about her visits to detention facilities during a Congressional hearing.

It should be pretty obvious to anyone who is remotely familiar with AOC’s body of work that she wasn’t so much motivated by honesty as she was by another opportunity to glorify herself. Even Tom Nichols — yes, that one — is calling her out:

Mike Brzezinski decided to straight to the horse’s ass mouth and ask AOC what the deal was:

Turns out, Mika had nothing to be concerned about. AOC’s contending that her intentions were only the purest:

So, she insisted on being dramatically sworn in to stunningly and bravely combat GOP-generated misconceptions about her dishonesty? Anyone else smell BS?

Of course she knows. She’s just counting on the rest of us not to.

Despite her insistence to the contrary, AOC isn’t doing this for anyone but herself.

It’s AOC’s world … we’re all just living in it.

Or something to retweet, as it were:

We’ve seen plenty of people buy into the Cult of AOC, but no one has bought into it more than AOC herself.

Last word to Tom Nichols:

When he’s right, he’s right.