Emily Atkin writes about climate for the New Republic. Which automatically makes her an expert and de facto scientist and if you disagree with that, then obviously you’re a sexist.

No, really. After Atkin pimped a New Republic piece by climate change alarmist Eric Holthaus about a developing storm off the Louisiana coast:

Ryan Maue, who has a Ph.D. in meteorologist, suggested that Atkin and Holthaus were maybe jumping the gun a bit in blaming the storm on climate change:

Atkin took that as a personal affront, and she responded accordingly. With a personal swipe at Maue:

And that’s when things really started heating up:

Atkin didn’t waste any time building her narrative.

Works every time. Just like playing the victim card:

That’s not some clever Photoshop job on our part. She really tweeted that.

Let’s take a closer look at that action, shall we?


The hack was only just getting started:

How is she a real person?

If Emily’s climate journalist gig ever falls through, she’s got a promising career as an accidental comedian.

Careful … with talk like that, you’re liable to trigger her again.

Yeah! Just imagine thinking something like that! Wait, what?

Hey now. That’s crazy talk. Ryan Maue is just some “random guy with a science degree” who said some things on Twitter. It’s not like he’s been on the climate beat for 5 1/2 years like Emily has.

Bless her heart.

Can’t stop, won’t stop.

Actually, what’s dumb is willfully ignoring that said meteorologist is correct about you not being a meteorologist. And crying sexism over it.

Hey, stop attacking her, you guys:

It’s good that she stands by her “own expertise.” After all, somebody’s got to.

Editor’s note: This post has been updated with an additional tweet.