Labor Secretary Alex Acosta is understandably under fire for letting serial sexual predator Jeffrey Epstein off the hook years ago.

But Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez should probably keep his gun to himself:

Well, Bob Menendez remains a senator. And, unlike Acosta, he’s actually been directly implicated in sex crimes, so … yeah.

Needless to say, the ratio’s shaping up pretty nicely:

Let’s take a look at some of the replies making that happen:

And not only that, but Menendez also voted to confirm Acosta as labor secretary.

Menendez recently claimed he’d had no idea:

Menendez declined to provide further comment than what was stated in a press release. It said, in part: “At the time that I voted to confirm Mr. Acosta… I wasn’t fully aware of the scope of the Epstein case or that the victims were kept in the dark over the deal that was struck.”

Based on video footage of Acosta’s confirmation hearing before the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee, Democratic Senator Tim Kaine questioned Acosta about the Epstein case and why the lenient plea deal was kept secret from the accusers. None of the Democrats who voted to confirm Acosta sat on the committee.

Maybe Bob should’ve done his homework. Maybe Bob should resign.