Did you hear? Alex Acosta totally just excused Jeffrey Epstein’s heinous sex crimes. Christine Pelosi, aka Nancy Pelosi’s daughter, caught the whole thing:

Wow. That sounds seriously awful.

OM ACTUAL … ly he didn’t.

But Pelosi sounds so convinced! How could she get something like that wrong?

Apparently David Frum’s original tweet made it look like Acosta actually said it:

Good thing Christine checked before running with something so inflammatory.

Pelosi has since deleted her tweet:

She didn’t acknowledge her dishonesty in any subsequent tweets. But that’s OK, because the outrage pot got stirred, and isn’t that what really matters?

Great work, everyone.


Seriously. Alex Acosta is hard at work burying himself. The Resistance does themselves zero favors by pulling this kind of crap.



Oh, hey. Just in case you thought Pelosi deleted her tweet because she was embarrassed, think again.

Acosta didn’t actually say what Pelosi said he did, but it’s OK because he’s a bad guy:

Have fun scouring the video for footage that you know full well doesn’t exist.



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