One of the Left’s favorite criticisms of Donald Trump is that he’s rabidly anti-LGBT. They haven’t really offered up much evidence to support their contention, but feelings matter more than facts, so who cares, right? You know Jon Cooper, chair of Resistance outfit the Democratic Coalition, thought he’d struck gold when he found this piece from Queerty about Trump’s gay deputy press secretary Judd Deere:

Let the bloodbath begin!

Actually, what’s deplorable is partisan jagoffs like Cooper and Queerty taking Deere totally out of context in order to push a politically expedient narrative. As Chad Felix Greene points out, Deere didn’t say what Queerty and Cooper say he said:

Queerty’s own article even includes the context of Deere’s remarks:

“They’re going to say that I’m helping the enemy,” he quips. “That’s because I don’t agree with them 100% on all issues–they think that I’m in the wrong because I’m a Republican who also happens to be gay.”

“They can get mad at me,” he continues. “I don’t go into a dark depression because somebody hates the person I work for, or wants to get upset at me because they think I’m crazy for working here, because it just doesn’t matter to me.”

But Deere’s actual thoughts aren’t in line with Queerty’s mission to paint Trump as “the most homophobic president in modern history,” so they’re just dismissing him and his concerns. You know, like they accuse Trump of doing with the LGBT community.

Well, then. Mission accomplished!


We’ll leave you with this related piece from Brad Polumbo:

“Disgraceful smear” is right.

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