The Grim Reaper has struck again! Has Mitch McConnell no decency? Just look at what he’s doing to the brave Senate Democrats who are running for president:

More from Business Insider:

“Leader McConnell is no doubt aware that several members of this body will be absent this week for the Democratic Presidential debates,” Schumer said on the Senate floor Monday. “We should wait to have the vote until the full body is present. There is no rush to complete the NDAA. We have passed it very frequently later in the year with no harmful consequences to our military.”

But McConnell was not having it, instead vowing to hold votes this week for the 2020 National Defense Authorization Act while at least seven Senate Democrats will be out on the campaign trail.

“So especially in light of current events, I was incredulous to hear the Democratic Leader call yesterday to postpone moving forward with the NDAA,” McConnell said. “Apparently some of our Democratic friends need to go hit the presidential campaign trail. They can’t be here because they got to go campaign. For not one day, but two this week.”

Oh, the humanity! Is there no end to his cruelty?

So McConnell should just hit pause on everything so the seven Democrats can focus on their vanity projects?

No offense to the presidential candidates, but they knew what they were getting into. When they decided that running for president was more pressing than doing senator things, they agreed to everything that goes along with it.