The dam is breaking … and it’s looking like Joe Biden may not be able to contain it for much longer:

And then there’s this:

Pretty relevant, considering the current debate about slavery reparations.

More from the Washington Examiner:

The former vice president, 76, was a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee that unanimously approved a bill in 1977. The measure was sent to the full Senate, where it was approved without dissent and later signed into law by President Jimmy Carter.

A year earlier, Biden had been among senators who voted to restore citizenship to Robert E. Lee, the Confederate general.

The Davis citizenship bill was introduced in 1977 by Sen. Mark Hatfield, a Republican from Oregon. Hatfield became interested in the subject after reading a biography on Davis, who served as president of the Confederate States during the Civil War from 1861 to 1865.

The bill was initially considered by the Senate Judiciary Committee, which Biden had joined earlier that year. The bill was approved by the panel on April 22, 1977, and went on to pass the full Senate on April 27, 1977. The law restored “the full rights of citizenship to Jefferson Davis” and stated that Davis “had served the United States long and honorably as a soldier” before joining the Confederacy and “should no longer be singled out for punishment … The Congress officially completes the long process of reconciliation that has reunited our people following the tragic conflict between the States,” said the resolution.

Wow. Wait until the Guardians of Truth find out about this!



But will it matter?