As Twitchy told you, MSNBC contributor David Jolly compared 16-year-old Kyle Kashuv’s offensive remarks (for which Kashuv has apologized profusely and expressed sincere remorse) to the insane social media posts of mass shooters:

Jolly’s comparison is offensive enough on its face. But it gets even worse when you consider what Jolly was doing at 16:

He literally did:

On June 9, 1989, 30-year-old Blair W. Ropes was on the side of a road in Land O’Lakes Florida after his motorcycle broke down. Jolly, then just 16, was driving home from a movie with a friend in the passenger seat when he struck Ropes with his car. Ropes died from his injuries.

Police filed no charges. Ropes was wearing dark clothing, and the incident happened around 9:30 at night. They believed Jolly had not seen the man. Jolly stopped after the crash and got help for Ropes.

“It was a tragedy that occurred when I was a child,” Jolly said. “I was 16 years old.”

He added that the incident shook him to the core and that it took him several years to deal with.

So, when David Jolly killed someone at 16, he was just “a child,” but when Kyle Kashuv made nasty racist comments at 16, he was basically a mass shooter in the making? Did Jolly forget to check the mirror while he was getting his makeup done? Because we’re pretty sure what he was doing at 16 was significantly worse than what Kashuv was doing.

It really is.

Now, we should emphasize that Jolly was not charged in Ropes’ death and we have no reason to believe what happened was not a tragic accident. But for Jolly, especially given his own past, to take such a disgusting shot at Kashuv suggests that he has not gained any kind of meaningful perspective in the years since Ropes’ death.