Today is Donald Trump’s birthday, and liberals have decided to celebrate it by finding ways to troll him. As Twitchy told you, the DNC War Room went with this:

Ellen DeGeneres’ executive producer Andy Lassner decided to take a more far-reaching, sharable approach. A hashtag, #JohnMcCainDay:

Get it? Because Donald Trump hated John McCain. The hashtag’s been trending nationally for a while now:

Even Newsweek is covering it:

Oddly enough, though, Newsweek left something out of their story. See, know who else hated John McCain? Andy Lassner. Since Andy himself appears to be suffering from some sort of amnesia, Jim Treacher is combing back through some of his greatest hits:

And Lassner’s one of many whose respect and admiration for John McCain is conditional. Blue-checked amateur MMA fighter Tony Posnanski’s a fraud as well:

He really is:

But “honoring an American hero” and stuff.

True story. They never gave a damn about John McCain. They still don’t. To them, he’s nothing more than a means of wounding Donald Trump’s ego. They’re the ones disgracing McCain’s memory today.

Parting food for thought:

There you have it.