Gather ’round, pro-lifers. School is in session and Alyssa Milano has the floor:

It’s certainly possible that the story is real — and equally possible that it’s not. Alyssa’s not exactly known for being knowledgable on the subjects she discusses. But either way, it’s great fodder for her to make her more important point, which is that pro-lifers don’t actually care about kids:

She’s so fierce! Isn’t she fierce? Though what’s all this “heartbeat” business about?

Oh well.

Sounds like it. Because you’ve gotta be drunk to think that’s an effective argument against the pro-life cause.

Eh, Alyssa’s probably used to it by now. Doesn’t even faze her anymore.

Why talk when she can screech incoherently?

It’s the one thing she seems to excel at.

True story.

Alyssa’s the one whose respect for life is conditional. Her terrible take is just another exercise in projection. Having a guilty conscience takes its toll after a while.