How are things lookin’ out there today in Climate Change Alarmist Land? Let’s go to woke meteorologist and self-described ecosocialist Eric Holthaus to find out:

Oh man. Sorry, wait … is that too un-woke an expression? This is all very problematic and we’re just trying to keep track of everything here:

Uh-oh, Eric. Now what are you gonna do?

Ah, that’s better. Or is it?

Case in point:

Goalpost = shifted.

Hey, he’s just trying to use his privilege as a white man to make life better for women who aren’t perceptive or assertive enough to do it for themselves.

He must be so much fun at parties.

Good point.

Woke climate change alarmists are very concerned about the earth’s population. So it stands to reason that when they devour themselves, it’s good for the planet. Everybody wins!



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