Despite unveiling their latest set of hard-and-fast safety guidelines, Twitter still doesn’t seem to have taken any action to deplatform serial guideline violator Carlos Maza. Apparently his calls for violence aren’t enough to land him on their radar. Will this?

Oh, my.

We’re very curious. Because what it sounds like is hate speech. We know hate speech hasn’t been clearly defined by anyone yet, but we’re pretty sure that tweet is probably definitely hate speech.

Well, things were different back in 2014. Now that safety is Twitter’s top priority, though, they should really get on Maza already. His tweet was literally indefensible.

That’s great that he was defending you, Hannah, but as we all know, when it comes to policing alleged “hate speech,” context doesn’t matter.

He engaged in behavior that disrupted our experience on Twitter. Because we said so. Yes, that rule is vague, but we feel like it applies here. Because we said so.

Sorry, Carlos, we couldn’t hear you over the sound of our tiny violins.

We all know that Carlos doesn’t like to give people the benefit of the doubt before calling for them to be deplatformed … so why should we cut him slack on this?