Antifa loves few things more than fascism. So when a local chapter of Antifa encouraged members to disrupt a University of Washington College Republicans meeting, one alleged anti-fascist apparently decided to heed their call:


The final meeting of the UW College Republicans (UWCR), held in Thompson Hall, featured two guest speakers from a local YouTube channel, Operation Cold Front. The meeting caught the attention of Emerald City Antifa. On their Facebook page, the group encouraged members to show up to disrupt the event.

One person did show up, though it’s unclear if he’s directly connected with the Facebook page. But he didn’t try to simply disrupt the event; he tried to lock the students in the hall with a chain and lock.

“I saw a guy in black approach the door but there had been no protest outside or anything so antifa wasn’t necessarily on my radar,” UWCR member Zach Wildfang told The Jason Rantz Show on KTTH. “He crouched down and immediately slapped his chain around the door.”

Here’s the Facebook post from Emerald City Antifa:

They seem nice.

Fortunately, the guy didn’t get very far with his chain, and according to KTTH’s Jason Rantz, most of the students were ultimately able to laugh about it. But stunts like this don’t always end so harmlessly.

That’s not how this works, Reid. Just because no one was hurt this time doesn’t make what happened OK.