Fear’s a great motivator, right? So what better way to motivate people to care about climate change than to scare the crap out of them? Even if you have to leave out some details to do it?

New York Magazine climate columnist David Wallace-Wells seems to be a student at the School of We’re Hurtling Toward Global Environmental Catastrophe and We’re All Gonna Die. Last night, he shared a short piece by James Dyke, a senior lecturer in global systems at the University of Exeter, explaining some of the horrible things humanity is in for:

Speaking of fundamental failures of the imagination, if climate change is such a serious threat, why do climate change alarmists insist on addressing it in such unserious ways? Author and “Skeptical Environmentalist” Bjorn Lomborg, for one, is fed up with the fearmongering, and

It’s not. At least it shouldn’t be.

Dispelling the faulty “science” behind climate change alarmism is no easy task, but Lomborg is up to the challenge:

When the science disagrees with their agenda, suddenly the science is invalid. Amazing how that works.

Party of Science™.



Bjorn Lomborg gives this young climate change alarmist’s protest sign a thorough fact-check