In case you missed it, the New York Times recently ran a piece on Hope Hicks:

Soledad O’Brien thought that was pretty tacky — and indicative of the NYT’s pro-Trump bias:

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez couldn’t agree more.

Wow! AOC’s argument against the New York Times’ Hicks piece is totally sound and not at all reliant on non sequiturs.

“Treat her equally,” meaning … what, exactly? Ugly her up? AOC can’t possibly mean “treat her like they treat me.”

Gotta love AOC of all people getting huffy over a pretty picture of a woman in a major media publication. The NYT article on Hicks is hardly a puff piece, but clearly AOC isn’t ready to relinquish her own glamour shot spotlight anytime soon. Stop being so obsessed with me! Now why aren’t you obsessing over me?

Might be time to send her to Jelly School. Hopefully, unlike in college, she’ll actually learn something there.

Meanwhile. when can we expect the uproar over Trump-in-Heels shaming a proud member of the legacy media?