As Twitchy told you, CNN hall monitor Brian Stelter offered up a B.S. defense for all the past praise he’d lavished upon Michael Avenatti. Stelter’s explanation came in response to this piece by the Washington Post’s Erik Wemple:

“Commandeered,” eh?

Speaking of being an easy mark, Erik Wemple pretty much put a target on his own back when he chose to make CNN and MSNBC look like victims of evil genius Michael Avenatti — and Jim Treacher hit the bullseye:

Say what, now?

Yikes. So not only is Erik Wemple letting his own bias show, but he’s also just accidentally kinda sorta made CNN and MSNBC look like even bigger lapdogs. Apparently Fox News was the only network willing to treat Avenatti like the dirtbag we all knew him to be.

*Chef’s kiss*

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