Pennsylvania State Rep. Brian Sims has made quite a name for himself by harassing elderly and teenage pro-life activists, but now that he’s had some time to think about what he’s done, he’s ready to move forward and “do better”:

Will you do better, Brian? Because it sounds like you’re not actually all that sorry for what you did. Instead of genuinely owning up to your despicable behavior, you paint pro-life advocates as the bad guys and yourself as some kind of white knight for women. Well, women seeking abortions, anyway.

It’s not an apology. At least not a sincere one. And you won’t hear “sorry” because he’s not sorry for what he did; he’s only sorry that he’s getting dragged for it.

The dumpiest.

He knows he’s in trouble … and yet he still can’t bring himself to cop to what he’s done.

Finally! Something he can be really proud of.