Democratic Pennsylvania State Rep. Brian Sims gets his jollies by harassing and attempting to dox pro-lifers. Sounds like something a garbage person would enjoy. Apparently the state of Pennsylvania agrees:

More from the Catholic News Agency:

The state’s ethics commission opened an investigation into state Rep. Brian Sims following a 2017 complaint that he had violated Pennsylvania’s Ethics Act. Sims is accused of accepting honoraria, including fees and free travel and accommodation, in violation of policies governing state legislators.

Sims has confirmed that he is under investigation, but says the complaint is a political “hit” and the “cost of politics in a city like Philadelphia.”

The ethics commission has not reported whether the investigation has concluded.

Sims has defended his record as a “committed progressive” and said that his commitment to transparency is demonstrated by his record as “an avid social media user.”

You should really read the whole thing. Committed progressive Brian Sims sounds like a real peach.

As part of his commitment to transparency, we assume that Brian would welcome any investigations into his ethics (or lack thereof). Which is good, because the Pennsylvania GOP has asked for another one:

Brian Sims’ behavior definitely merits an investigation. At the very least.

In the meantime, we hope Brian can find room in his busy schedule for the rally being held in his honor.