As Twitchy told you, super-smart Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez found herself at a complete loss when confronted with the “terrifying” garbage disposal in her “bougie” D.C. apartment. Who’d’ve thought someone as worldly and sophisticated as AOC wouldn’t know what a garbage disposal is for?

Well, she’s been getting mocked pretty mercilessly for her fear of a pretty common piece of technology, but maybe this will make her feel a little better about being a colossal moron. See, actor and producer Adam Trahan had his own terrifying encounter today, and he was thoughtful enough to share his harrowing experience with his Twitter followers:

So shook.

What a time to be alive.

What? No. His fear is as real as AOC’s.

Same. But if we can get serious for a minute, Trahan should probably tread lightly. Bad things happen to those who dare mock Kween AOC.

Godspeed, Adam.