No wonder Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are so chummy. They have so much in common! A love of socialism, respect for tyrannical dictators, making excuses for anti-Semitism … and a knack for simultaneous victimhood and self-aggrandizement.

Check out Omar’s take on a new HuffPost piece detailing her stunning bravery:

Oh, she’s a nightmare, all right. Just not for the reasons she’s claiming.

She’s not strong, though. There’s nothing strong about saying hateful, inflammatory — not to mention dishonest — things and then playing the victim card when you’re called out on it.

Ilhan Omar, like her fellow squad member AOC, would love nothing more than if Donald Trump sat around all day just obsessing over her. But he doesn’t. Which is why she works so damn hard to make herself into some kind of victim-heroine.

Might be? No, she definitely is.

She seriously is. And she deserves every last ounce of criticism she gets.



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