Without our brave Guardians of Truth, how would we know how much our health care system sucks? Earlier today, Vox’s Sarah Kliff shared “one of the most heartbreaking” stories of our country’s horrible health care policy:

As Ezra Klein points out, this sort of thing just “wouldn’t happen in a decent country”:

Incidentally, Klein and Kliff’s tweets are also a reflection of the moral failure of so many so-called journalists. Because had they done their jobs and reported honestly, they wouldn’t have tried to use this story to push their leftist health care policy agenda.

Kliff herself indeed says everything turned out fine:

That’s not really what their story shows, but whatever.

Not to be outdone, after reading about this family’s massive medical bill:

BuzzFeed’s Rosie Gray was pretty sure that our health care system is “totally broken and immoral”:

What Gray failed to mention is that the family ultimately did not have to pay the huge bill:

The family’s health insurance, IU Health Plans, negotiated down the bills and paid $107,863.33, with secondary insurance from the summer camp covering $7,286.34 in additional costs.

The family ultimately did not have to pay any out-of-pocket costs for her additional emergency care, according to NPR.

Now, one can argue that health care costs are out of control — a problem that has only been made worse by increased government interference — but clearly we haven’t quite reached “totally broken and immoral” levels quite yet.

Well, at least she tried to correct the record:

Well, at least she made her point. Not the point she thought she was making, but a point nonetheless:


So let it be written, so let it be done.