It’s time to panic, everybody:

Democratic Sen. Brian Schatz is very concerned:

The main thing, you guys.

Here’s what the article says:

Researchers say that large parts of the megacity could be entirely submerged by 2050. North Jakarta sunk 2.5m (eight feet) in 10 years and is continuing to sink an average of 1-15cm a year.

The city sits on the coast on swampy land, criss-crossed by 13 rivers.

Half of Jakarta is below sea level. One of the main causes of this is the extraction of groundwater which is used as drinking water and for bathing.

So, did the climate extract the groundwater? We’re so confused!

Neither, it seems, does his fellow Senate Democrat Chris Murphy:

This is no laughing matter, Brian. Because you and Chris are in a position to craft policy based on your ignorance of basic facts.

But narrative:

So, it’s Mitch McConnell’s fault that Jakartans are extracting too much groundwater. Good Lord, is there anything that monster can’t do?