Civil War Twitter is back, baby!

Thanks to Donald Trump’s remarks earlier today regarding Robert E. Lee’s greatness as a general:

Was Trump’s answer meandering and awkward? Yes. And we can certainly have a debate about Trump’s post-Charlottesville remarks or Robert E. Lee’s greatness as a general or as a person, but if your debate strategy consists of putting words in Trump’s mouth, you don’t deserve to be taken seriously.

Musician and author Mikel Jollett does not deserve to be taken seriously:

Except that’s not what Trump said. Like, at all. But brownie points for working Hitler in there.

Trump committed treason? We must’ve missed that. Just like we missed the part where Trump defended Robert E. Lee.

The Resistance has a real talent for stepping on rakes. Trump does and says dumb things all the time, but they choose instead to flip out about things he didn’t actually do or say. All the Left has to do is not be crazy and they just can’t do it. This is why Trump won — and why he’ll win again.