There’s certainly no shortage of evidence that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez isn’t playing with a full deck, but dammit if she’s not determined to give us more:

The VA is a hellish nightmare that offers a glimpse into life under government-controlled health care — let’s subject all Americans to it!

More from the Nation:

She said that should Medicare for All be passed, the VA would most likely remain unchanged. While many champions of universal health-care coverage are fighting to essentially abolish private health insurance while retaining the private hospital system, AOC said in an ideal world, the civilian health system would mirror what’s currently offered to veterans. “If you ask me, I would like VA for all,” she said to cheers.

Oh, you’d like that, AOC? Why don’t you go take it for a test drive? If ungodly wait times, unsanitary conditions, and substandard care are your thing, there are places you can get the full VA experience without having to be a veteran.

We hear Venezuela’s lovely this time of year.