Politico magazine wants to know: Will Kamala Harris’ Indian heritage help her score points with Indian-American voters?

Aren’t you forgetting someone, Politico?

Yeah, but was he “serious,” you guys?

To be fair, the piece does mention Bobby Jindal once — to reiterate that his presidential run wasn’t serious, unlike Kamala’s:

Will the rest of the Indian-American community coalesce around her, too? Harris, whose late mother was born in India, is the first Indian-American candidate to make a serious run at the presidency. (Bobby Jindal, the former Louisiana governor, never cracked the upper tiers of a massive Republican field in 2016.)

If only he’d been as stunning and brave as Kamala Harris, he could’ve made it as far as she has … which isn’t actually any further than he made it. So, why is Harris a serious candidate while Jindal wasn’t? Is it really that difficult for Politico to just acknowledge that Bobby Jindal beat Kamala Harris to the punch? Not to mention that he didn’t enter the presidential race with all the baggage Kamala’s got?

Can’t wait to hear what they say about Nikki Haley if she ever runs.

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