OK, so … we’re honestly not quite sure how to preface Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s latest plug for her Green New Deal. So we’re just going to post it here for you so you can see it for yourselves while we pick our jaws up off the floor:

What’s more terrifying? The attempt to rebrand authoritarianism as warm and fuzzy? Or the fact that AOC actually thinks that her insanity is the key to turning America into a green utopia? It’s tough to decide. Let’s just call it a draw.

It is kind of like satire. We’re officially in Underpants Gnomes territory here, folks. It’s just a lot more frightening than satire because it’s being pushed in earnest by a United States Congresswoman.

That’s what it seems like because that’s exactly what she’s doing. If this is the future AOC wants, she can have it. On Mars. Leave us the hell out of it.

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