Over the weekend, GOP Rep. Dan Crenshaw defended his rightful criticism of Ilhan Omar’s disgusting 9/11 terrorist remarks — and called out Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and their her allies for their shameful (and shameless) attempts to paint him as the bad guy:

And that really stuck in disgraced New Yorker fact checker Talia Lavin’s craw:

She’s lovely, isn’t she?

She really does seem to have a hangup when it comes to vets.

Well anyway, apparently she didn’t get all that nastiness out of her system, because today, she’s back at it, smearing Crenshaw like her life depends on it:

No, he didn’t run a racist Facebook group before he got elected. He was one of 95,000 members of the Tea Party group on Facebook.

According to the Newsweek article Lavin holds up as proof that Crenshaw is “incredibly racist” and “inflamed with bigotry,” Crenshaw says he wasn’t an active member of the group and never requested to be an administrator:

Crenshaw, who was a group administrator as of Friday morning, has shared two of his campaign videos to the group, on July 29 and August 13. Other group administrators have shared his campaign website. In a statement to Newsweek, Crenshaw claimed he has “never actively managed or interacted with that page,” despite posting his videos.

“They contacted me once and said they’d sign me up as an admin, in case I ever wanted to post,” said Crenshaw, who removed himself from the group after Newsweek contacted him. “I quickly forgot about the page and never saw it again. How exactly is this news?”

It’s really not news. Maybe if Crenshaw had engaged in the conspiracy theorizing or participated in racist discussions … but there’s no evidence he did any such thing. Posting two campaign videos and having his website posted there by someone else is hardly proof that he’s a bigot in nice-guy’s clothing. But the fact that Lavin is falling all over herself to defend a well documented anti-Semitic bigot — who has warm, fuzzy relationships with other well documented anti-Semitic bigots — to smear Crenshaw is evidence that Lavin’s every bit the garbage person we know her to be.



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