Illinois Democrats haven’t done enough to make people want to leave their state, so they’re upping their game:

More from The Hill:

Lawmakers in Illinois have advanced legislation that would require President Trump to release five years of his tax returns in order to appear on the state’s 2020 presidential ballot.

The Illinois state Senate voted 36-19 on Thursday to pass the bill, which will now move to the state’s Democrat-controlled House, according to Chicago radio station WBEZ.

“If you want to run for vice president or president of the United States, hey, what’s wrong with providing your tax returns for the past five years?” state Sen. Tony Munoz (D) reportedly said while legislators debated the bill.

“If you’ve got nothing to hide, you shouldn’t worry about anything,” he added.

Threatening to punish someone for refusing to make their tax returns public? What a great idea that’s not creepy or Big-Brother-y at all and definitely couldn’t ever be used against regular people who aren’t running for office! What could possibly go wrong?

Apparently 17 other states are considering similar legislation. Let’s hear it for them!

If it passes, that’s where it should go. So it can be struck down as the garbage idea that it is.



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