As Twitchy told you yesterday, likely Democratic presidential contender Pete Buttigieg has apparently decided that the way to American voters’ hearts is baselessly smearing Mike Pence as a homophobic bigot.

Well, just in case he wasn’t clear enough that he’s all in with the slimeball approach, he’s doubling down today, suggesting that the fact that Mike Pence has shown him nothing but kindness is just a smokescreen for Pence’s desire to inflict harm on the gay community:

Speaking of the public square, it’s good of Buttigieg to go public with his strategy before he officially gets into the presidential race. That way, everyone knows what a nasty piece of work he is ahead of time.

Well, if Pete Buttigieg can’t fulfill his POTUS dream on his merits, he’ll just have to find another way. That way happens to be incredibly dishonest, but whatevs, right?

Truth and integrity be damned. Mayor Pete’s got his eyes on the prize and that’s all that matters.

Buttigieg isn’t interested in a policy debate. In fact, he doesn’t seem interested in any sort of substantive debate at all. Way to elevate the discourse, Mayor.

For Pete Buttigieg, it seems, the answers are resounding nos.