College students demand to be taken seriously, but how can we do that when they pull crap like this?

George Mason University’s law school has hired Brett Kavanaugh to teach a course in England next year — and some GMU undergrads are feeling very triggered by the decision:

“As a survivor, as a student who comes to this university, and expects to have a good education, to experience a happy, safe place, I am insulted,” student Elijah Nichols tells WDVM. Nicholas [sic] also accuses the university’s president of disregarding students’ safety and well-being.

A petition with more than 2,000 signatories calls on George Mason University to cancel Kavanaugh, change its practices around the gender equality law Title IX, and issue a formal apology to survivors. The Twitter feed of Survivors 4 Mason, the activist group organizing opposition to Kavanaugh, has retweeted several students who chided the school for being lenient to Kavanaugh.

George Mason President Angel Cabrera has thus far rebuffed the activist demands that he step in and override the law school’s decision. Indeed, it would be insane to deny students the opportunity to learn from a member of the Supreme Court due to these allegations, at least some of which seem quite dubious in hindsight. It’s also hard to see how Kavanaugh’s presence actually impacts any current student’s safety.

It’s hard to see because Brett Kavanaugh’s presence doesn’t impact any current student’s safety. This is about petulant, self-important students trying to flex their muscle to punish Brett Kavanaugh for the crime of being Brett Kavanaugh.

If these children are our future, we’re in trouble.