If Lauren Theisen’s name doesn’t ring a bell, you’re not really missing out. She’s not very memorable. What she is is an angry, vicious, bigot — and a liar, to boot.

Last December, Theisen lashed out at Chad Felix Greene for having the gall to share his experience coming out as a gay conservative. Greene wrote that he’s faced a lot more hate over his conservatism than he has over his homosexuality. Theisen concluded that gay conservatives like Greene “need to shut the f*ck up.”

Now, she’s back to coming at Greene for no reason other than to slime him and impugn his character:

In her explanation as to why “a transgender anti-discrimination law” couldn’t possibly have messy consequences when it comes to things like sports, Theisen felt compelled to discuss Greene’s position:

Elsewhere, self-identified oppressed conservative Chad Felix Greene had an existential crisis over what it would mean if he were attracted to a trans man. (It’s nice to know it’s not just straight men panicking about trans women.)

Greene would beg to differ with Theisen’s characterization of his remarks:

Read Greene’s tweets and see for yourselves:

It certainly doesn’t sound as though Greene is having “an existential crisis over what it would mean if he were attracted to a trans man.” It sounds more like Greene is saying that regarding “gender” as something fluid and subjective throws the notion of orientation out the window.

Theisen is counting on her readers to just swallow her B.S. without giving any consideration to what Greene actually said. And it’ll probably work. But those who aren’t intellectually dishonest know what Greene was truly saying. And the truth is what ultimately matters.