Yesterday, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez had quite possibly her biggest faceplant yet when her precious Green New Deal died in the Senate. Despite the fact that not a single Democrat voted in favor of it, AOC has insisted that the Green New Deal’s failure is ultimately a victory for Democrats and proof that Republicans want your children to die.

She’s right about one thing: She definitely doesn’t know what she’s doing. But where sane people see the unhinged rants and ravings of an excruciatingly stupid woman, NBC News sees “an impassioned defense”:

Be still their hearts!

Not just a defense, but according to CNN, it was also a “passionate rebuke”:

How much do you want to bet that they tweeted that with one hand? For real, this is some next-level spin. No serious journalist could look at that display and call it anything other than a one-woman circus.

It’s possible thanks to outlets like NBC News and CNN who are tripping all over themselves to glorify AOC despite the fact that she’s done absolutely nothing to earn anyone’s respect.

Exactly. AOC puts on a show and says a lot of words, but ultimately she’s an empty vessel. The media know that and deify her anyway.

The thing is, just as AOC’s own words will prove to be her downfall, the media’s brazen bias will be theirs.