While all charges against Jussie Smollett have been dropped, plenty of people out there still see right through him. People like Parkland survivor Cameron Kasky, who shared his skepticism about Smollett’s innocence on Twitter today:

Apparently doubting the veracity of a serial liar is a bridge too far with the SJW mob:

Got that? Kasky’s a racist homophobe for calling Smollett’s story into question.

Well, if Jordan Blue Check is looking for an apology, Kasky’s not going to give him one:


That’s in blatant violation of the SJW Rulebook.

And above a few other things, too, apparently:

Funny how that works.

We’ve had our disagreements with Kasky before, but on this, he’s absolutely right. Good on him for refusing to bend to the SJW Tolerance Brigade.

It sure is.