Based on what we know about the results of Robert Mueller’s investigation, it appears that the Trump-Russia “collusion” narrative doesn’t really have much of a leg to stand on anymore. That’s why so many of the people who clung to it so desperately are scrambling to come up with ways to preserve it.

Here’s David Axelrod’s attempt:

Great question, David. Except not really.

No, it’s really not. Donald Trump took out his shine box for Vladimir Putin because Donald Trump is that kind of guy. But a refusal to stand up to Putin doesn’t make him a co-conspirator in some nefarious “collusion” plot.

The Russia truthers are trying to have their collusion cake and eat it, too.

Nope. They need to pick a narrative and stick with it. And when they’re wrong, they need to own it. Especially when they defended the same snivelingly deferential behavior in their own messiahs.

Now there’s a good question. Not only did Barack Obama not stand up to Russia, but he rolled right over for Cuba:

Really, David.