It’s a day ending in “y,” which of course means that Donald Trump is dumping on the late John McCain. Because nothing says “I’m a big, strong, powerful man” like trashing a war hero. Disagreeing with McCain on politics is one thing; spitting on the memory of a man who made actual sacrifices to serve his country with honor simply because you disagree with his politics is something else entirely. John McCain was by no means perfect, but he didn’t deserve this:

Needless to say, Trump’s getting deservedly dumped on, himself:

Our Guardians of Truth are appalled by Trump’s remarks as well:

No words? Interesting, Katie. Because you and the media had plenty of words about John McCain when he was alive. As Twitchy staple Stephen Miller, aka @redsteeze, points out, the media only seem to have taken up defending John McCain’s honor after Trump started disparaging it:

Nailed it.

Trump’s remarks today — like his past remarks about McCain — are indeed shameful and disgusting. But the media clutching their pearls when they spent years crapping on John McCain reeks of self-righteous disingenuousness. In other words, they’re full of it.

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