Never underestimate Twitter’s ability to make people hate them. Check out what they’ve got planned for their next big app improvement:


On Tuesday, the company offered the public its first look at a new prototype for the Twitter app, which the company is calling “twttr” in a nod to CEO and co-founder Jack Dorsey’s first tweet, that includes a variety of changes to how Twitter looks and operates, centered on a new format for conversations and color-coded replies.

The prototype also removes the engagement counts showing the number of retweets or “likes” a tweet receives. This change is designed to make Twitter a little friendlier.

“We’re also actually working on changing the product and changing the policies to improve the health of the conversations,” Coleman said, pointing to faster and more “proactive” enforcement including the takedown of accounts spreading hoaxes and conspiracy theories.

Well, maybe not all hoaxes and conspiracy theories …

But at least Twitter will be friendlier and healthier, right?

But we can certainly understand why so many people hate Twitter so much.

Good point.

They really don’t. So maybe, at the very least, they can implement this change: