Media Matters’ campaign to take down Tucker Carlson is cute, in its own stupid way, but it’s not really going anywhere. What they’ve been missing, you see, is gravitas. The kind of gravitas that Sam Donaldson brings to the table:

First of all, Matt Lauer and Charlie Rose are hardly choirboys. They may not have said crass things to a shock jock, but they got busted for doing crass things to women. So maybe Sam should leave them out of this thought exercise. Also, oddly enough, we don’t recall Sam complaining about the “hate speech” in Joy Reid’s blog posts. Or MMFA president Angelo Carusone’s, for that matter.

In short, Sam’s a drama queen who’s absolutely full of it.

To rethink, one must think in the first place. And Sam Donaldson’s clearly uninterested in doing that.