We expected Democratic Rep. Rashida Tlaib to make an ass of herself at Michael Cohen’s congressional hearing, and she did not disappoint.

As Twitchy told you earlier, Lynne Patton, who worked for the Trump Organization and currently serves as a senior HUD official, was a guest of GOP Rep. Mark Meadows at today’s hearing. And, according to Tlaib, that’s “in itself a racist act”:


Good Lord.

She’s off her rocker. Even Elijah Cummings was taken aback.

No kidding. Nice work as usual, Rashida!

Impressive backpedaling there, too.

Well, to be fair, even if Tlaib won’t acknowledge that she was definitely calling Meadows a racist, she still scored points with the right people.

That’s because it is racist. If you’re asserting that Patton is nothing more than a token without any input from Patton herself, then we’re sorry to inform you, but that’s pretty damn racist.

In berating Mark Meadows for inviting a black Republican to bear witness to Cohen’s testimony, Tlaib demonstrated quite clearly that her respect for women of color is conditional. In other words, she’s a racist bigot.

And her apologists in the media love her for it.

Won’t be the last time a Democrat does it, either.



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