As Twitchy told you yesterday, Univision anchor Jorge Ramos and members of his team were detained and held against their will by the Maduro regime after showing footage of starving Venezuelans digging through garbage for food. Ramos et al. were ultimately released, but not before their equipment and interview product were reportedly seized.

Well anyway, most people who aren’t heartless apologists for cruel fascist despots would look at footage of starving masses and think, “This is horrible and these people are victims of a tyrannical government.” But rapper-filmmaker Boots Riley clearly isn’t most people. Which is why he’s blaming the Venezuelans for their plight:

Speaking of theater, that was quite a performance, Boots. It’s not just anyone who can look at a true humanitarian crisis and blame the victims for their suffering.

And what, pray tell, would Boots know about integrity?

A much more polite response than Riley deserves.

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